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Dear Sir/Madame

         I am writing to complain about the room service in my hotel “Aphrodite” in Golden Sand in Bulgaria  where I was accommodated by your Travel Agency.

         When I arrived at the hotel, my room was extremely dirty, and there was no TV as in your offer. the beach was not also 200m away from the hotel, it was about 500m away.

                What is more, the room service was unfriendly for guests. When I asked a room maid for help, she answered in the offensive way, and left.

         I will appreciate if you change the hotel standard and the room service. I expect that you return me half of the price of the trip back. I am looking for your response.

Yours faithfully

Dear Sir/Madam

            I want to express my strong dissatisfaction with the trip which I took part in.

The trip was two weeks ago. I was very disappointed with the trip because it was unprofessionally organized. 
           Firstly, the bus was  two hours late. 
           Moreover, the bus didn’t have an air-conditioning and the weather in Egypt was really hot. 
        Finally, the hotel which I lived in, was totally different than the one shown on the photos in the catalogue.

            I demand a refund of cost of both the accommodation and the transport. Eventually you may propose a new trip. I expect a quick response.

Yours faithfully

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