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    Public schools are more popular than private ones but what we know about them, let’s look at pros and cons of going to private schools.

    First of all, private schools are smaller than public so there is a 'family atmosphere'. There aren’t any dealers of drugs and students don’t smoke.
    Moreover, in private schools there is a better level of education, classes are smaller and teachers have a better contact with both students and parents. Lessons are more interesting than in public schools.
    Finally, students from private schools have a better access to sport lessons, for example swimming or climbing.

    Private schools have also some disadvantages.
    To start from, parents must pay for education of their children.
   What is more, private schools aren’t in small towns, so people who don’t live in a big city have a weak access to this kind of schools. 
    To conclude students from private schools can't change the school and go to a public one becouse teaching programs are different. 

    I think we should choose a type of school  personally. Our choice depends on our ideas and plans for future. Unfortunatelly there are a lot of parents who can't afford to pay and send their children to private schools.