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    Welcome to this page, which is dedicated to all fans of fantasy literature. You can find  some short tales here. Some of them are lone stories, without the beginning and the end of the whole history. I will try to arrange some tales, to build a structure of a book. These tales which will be titled “Chapter I”, “Chapter II’, etc, they are  chapters, or excerpt of whole story (book). These tales, which will have their own titles. They will be  separate stories, that can have some connections with the main one, but they don't have to.

I will try to add some tales systematically, so if you recognize that my stories are noteworthy, you will visit this page next time. Then you can find a new chapter of the story.

I invite you to look through this page, and I wish you nice reading.


Introduction of the story

That night promised to be similar to others, with we have survived earlier. That night I and my friend Margrim, were sitting at the table in the worst inn in this region. It was localized on the one of the most frequented route in the south-west part of Versania. It is named ‘The lone warrior’. Over the entrance  a plate hanged with this untruthful inscription: ‘Welcome to the tavern in the grove, where ancient spirits live and rove’. Some older citizens of town, said that this plate remember times, when this tavern was the best in the whole Versania, but it was Old human named Vitto, who was an innkeeper and also an owner of this place, pour and sell the hectoliters of local beer, like every night before. Nimodar, dwarf, who worked as a bouncer in this inn, was grumpy and unpleasant, what was his habit. Local framer Donald McConshee was fon of drinking alcohol with his farmhands. But something strange was hanging in the air, something what may prognosticate something tragic.

We were sitting there like a lot of nights before, and drinking one of the worst beer of the whole region of Versania. We were preparing to the long trip on the north, so that should have been our last night in this inn. But there was one thing, which disturbed us. The door of main entrance set ajar, and  old gnome came in the tavern. He looked like he wanted to find somebody. After few heartbeats, he went out, and then a band of armed rush in to the inn. They immediately started a quarrel with old Vitto. They wanted to steal him, money from all day. Innkeeper didn’t protest, and he was going to give them money. The theft could be succeed, but then I and Margrim, stood up and said to the head of this group: ‘If you want to earn some money, you should try to find a job. Unless you do it, you will taste our weapon.’ He start to laughing, didn’t answered us, but said to his band: ‘Revjak, Ilthor, take them, and kill.’ Then one half-elf, probably the person of mixed race of human and drow (the dark elf), and one ogre took up their arms and started to go to us. We  also took up our arms. Margrim started to wave his axe, and I take up my beloved sword. And we started to fight.

We took a lot of similar fights in the past. We have fought with pirates from the Vinkrieg Islands, during our trip through the Sea of the Shadows. We have also fought with nomadic barbarians when we were traveling through the Naked Bones Desert, but that fight was one of the most difficult in our life. It looked like an ambush. When I took my magic sword, named Slivaryl, it told me that it could be the most difficult fight in my life. I was standing back to my short friend, we was ready to fight with those 5 warriors, which came into the inn. They didn’t try to encircle us, what was a very strange tactic. The ringleader of this group ordered his two men, earlier named Revjak and Ilthor to attack us. And then all hell broke loose. Old McConshee and his farmhands immediately took up their weapons, but they were too drunk to be a relative opponent to this group. Farmhands were armed only in rakes, forks and other instruments, which they  used daily when they were working on the field. This band of robbers were armed to the teeth, and this drunk farmers had no chances in the scuffle with them, so they couldn’t help us. We were alone, I held my magic silver long sword named Slivaryl, Margrim hold his notorious in a lot of clashes axe, named Bleeder. We were waiting for the first attack, but Rejak and Ilthor only tried to surprise us by them attack, and then killed. After few heartbeats something about two dozens of robber forced one’s way into the inn by all five windows. Then I and Margrim realized that it wasn’t a local dissension, but something more complicated and dangerous. It was a beginning of our great adventure.

Chapter I

How it began’

    I was born in 755 year of existence the Versania empire. My birthday took place three days before the Seglarr festival – day when people on the North celebrated the beginning of the winter. It was very cold day. My mother Varya and father Regis were living in the small village, named Emptyfield, in the shires of duke Reginald the Grey, vassal of the Medestria king - Gothard II. They were very poor, because of huge infertility of the soil. I was a third child in my family, but my older siblings hadn't lived when I was born. My brother named Kirgin and sister Elevyn had died because of the epidemic of fatal disease named tuberculosis, when they were propably five and three years old. This tragic epidemic killed the one third of my small village citizens. I had also younger siblings: three sisters and two brothers. My two sisters Aisha and Cashya born two years after mine, they were twins. Next spring my youngest sister Dagna came into the world. My youngest siblings: Coen and Helevorn were born in the same year but older- Coen was born in the early Spring1, one week after Dualthon festival, day when people in the North kingdoms celebrated the beginning of Spring, it was also the first day of the year. My youngest brother named Helevorn was born in the last month of the 759 year V.e.2. My childhood wasn’t a time of a careless life, because of my age ( I was the oldest child, my elder siblings died earlier) I started to assist my father in the cultivation of the ground when I was 4 years old. In the same time my mother was looking after my younger siblings. The land where we were living, was very dangerous, because of many robbers' groups, which attacked villages in the shires of the Reginald the Grey. Duke didn't have enough money to prevent against these incidents. He didn't have an army, only a few mercenaries, who guarded him. When I was 7 years old, and I took in a power, because of working on the field, my father began to learn me how to use the weapon. He tought me basic information about fighting with a sword, an axe and  a bow. When my brothers grew up, he learnt them too. My mother tried to look after my sisters, but twins Aisha and Cashya from the outset were very strange. When they were 14, they ran away. They were killed by a member of a robber band in the forest.. In 773 my life turned into ruins.

1 In the Versanian calendar year begins in the first day of spring – Dualthon, it is also the beginning of the first month -Dualt

2 Versania Existance

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