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Use of English

Part One

Multiple-choice cloze

For questions 1-15, read the text and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space. Example (0) C


New Scientist magazine (0) ........C....... published a report by researchers at Sheffield University. The researchers studied identical twins who had been separated at (1) ................. and had been taken (2) ............ of by different families. The results showed that the twins were often very similar, not only in (3) ................. but also in intelligence and personality.

More (4) ...................... , however, were the other coincidences which were almost (5) ................ to explain. For example, one set of female twins met again for the first time when they were 39. They both (6) ................ the same dress, had seven rings on their fingers, and the same bracelets. There were also some male twins who (7) .................... part in the study. They too (8) ................ a great deal in common. Both of them worked in the police force, and (9) ..................... their holidays in Majorca. They drove the same kind of car and had a dog called Toy. (10) ...................... of them had married and divorced women called Linda, and their second wives were called Elizabeth.

The researchers intend to (11) ........ out more studies in the future. This is because these coincidences are so remarkable and have occurred so often with twins that they have almost (12) ............. count. The coincidences are so extraordinary that it is (13) ...................... to simply say that they happen because of (14) ................... . It seems that there must be a more (15) .................... explanation, but so far nobody has found out what it is.


0 A newly B lately C recently D freshly

1 A first B beginning C start D birth

2 A care B responsibility C concern D worry

3 A look B sight C appearance D form

4 A disgraceful B shocking C insulting D suprising

5 A impossible B incredible C unlikely D dissimilar

6 A carried B wore C put D dressed

7 A held B came C took D played

8 A did B were C had D made

9 A passed B spent C stayed D went

10 A All B Each C Two D Every

11 A bring B follow C do D carry

12 A dropped B fallen C missed D lost

13 A illiterate B illegal C illegible D illogical

14 A opportunity B chance C possibility D occasion

15 A correct B logical C intelligent D proper


Part Two

Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.


Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, (0) regarded by many people (16) ................ the most beautiful city in Europe. Whether or (17) ............ that is true, no visitor can fail to (18) ................ impressed by its dramatic surroundings, its magnificent buildings, or its dark stone churches.

Edinburgh Castle dominates (19) .............. city centre. Built in the eleventh century, (20) .............. sits high on a rock. The old town developed from this point, stretching down the slope to form what is (21) ................ as the Royal Mile. This street remains (22) ................... of the city's main tourist attractions, with Holyroodhouse ( a royal palace) at the lower end, and the castle at the top.

The new town (23) ................. built in the eighteenth century in order to cope (24) ................. the increasing population of the city. It is located in the flat land to the north (25) ................ the castle. Before it was developed, (26) ................. competition was arranged for the best design. The Scottish architect, James Craig, won with a simple grid pattern of streets and squares.

But perhaps Edinburgh is most famous (27) ............... its annual International Festival of Music and Drama. This massive three-week event has been held every August (28) ................ 1947. It attracts thousands of theatre and music lovers, and hundreds of artists, from (29) .............. over the world. Not surprisingly, many Edinburgh locals take their holidays at this time - and go in (30) ............... of some peace and quiet!


Part Three

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word in bold and other words. use between two and five words.

31 Smoking in the library is forbidden.


You ____________________________________________________ in the library.

32 It is much too cold to go to the lake today.


It _________________________________ to go to the lake today.

33 Magda saw Ela as she was going to work.


Magda saw Ela ___________________________________ work.

34 I regret not taking your advice.


If only ___________________________________ your advice.

35 You might get thirsty, so I put a flask of tea in your bag.


I put a flask of tea in your bag _________________________________ thirsty.

36 Joanna likes swimming more than jogging..


Joanna ___________________________________________ jog.

37 Her voice was so quiet that we could hardly hear her.


She __________________________ that we could hardly hear her.

38 Going to parties was not something I did very often.


I ____________________________________________ to parties very often.

39 "I'll start saving money every month, I promise," Hania said.


Hania promised ______________________________ every month.

40 Nobody knows why Donata quit her job.


Nobody knows _________________________________________ her job.


Part Four

Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there.


0 My family and I moved to England from Poland last (correct)

00 month ago because of my mother's job. I want to go to (ago)

41 university to study also languages but I know my English

42 is not good enough. I studied English at school in Gorzów

43 but the accents here in northern England make it to sound

44 completely different from what I have been learnt in the

45 classroom. I'm thinking of taking over a course in English first

46 and then going on to a degree course in Russian and Polish.

47 I believe I will pass my Polish course without no difficulty

48 as long as I improve my grammar. Studying Russian

49 will be challenging but I am luck because of I won't have

50 to spend too much time on Polish and will be able to

51 concentrate more on Russian. I did chose the Russian

52 language because it has always fascinated by me, and I

53 hope that after studying it for four years I will be able

54 to use it in a profession such as translating. I'm looking

55 very forward to visiting Moscow one day. I might even

get the chance to teach Polish there.


Part Five

Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).


On hearing that my favourite (0) novelist was going to visit NOVEL

a local bookshop, I made the (56) ________________ to go along and DECIDE

meet him in person. I have always had the greatest (57) ____________ ADMIRE

for him. His novels, which are basically (58) _____________ have been HISTORY

of great (59) ______________ benefit to me throughout the years. Not EDUCATE

surprisingly, his work has received popular (60) ________________ . RECOGNISE

On arriving, I saw him with a (61) __________________ of his books in SELECT

front of him. (62) __________________ , he was alone. I approached him and FORTUNATE

(63) ________________ asked him to autograph my book. His handwriting POLITE

was (64) __________________ and therefore I had trouble reading the LEGIBLE

dedication. Nevertheless, it was a (65) __________________ experience. MEMORY




1 - D 2 - A 3 - C 4 - D 5 - A 6 - B 7 - C 8 - C 9 - B 10 -B 11 - D

12 - D 13 - D 14 - B 15 - B


16 - as 17 - not 18 - be 19 - the 20 - it 21 - known 22 - one 23 - was

24 - with 25 - of 26 - a 27 - for 28 - since 29 - all 30 - search


31 are not allowed to smoke

32 isn't / is not warm enough

33 on her way to

34 I had followed

35 in case you get

36 prefers to swim rather than

37 had such a quiet voice

38 did not / didn't use to go

39 to start putting money aside / away

40 what made Donata quit


41- also 42 - correct 43 - to 44 - been 45 - over 46 - correct 47 - no 48 - correct

49 - of 50 - correct 51 - did 52 - by 53 - correct 54 - correct 55 - very


56 - decision 57 - admiration 58 - historical 59 - educational 60 - recognition

61 - selection 62 - Fortunately 63 - politely 64 - illegible 65 - memorable