Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

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Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez alexxia90 » 16 gru 2011, o 22:36

Edgard Allan Poe ”The Raven”

The Raven, the most significant Edgard Allan Poe’s poem, was first published on January 29, 1845 in New York Evening Mirror. The Raven is divided into eighteen rhymed stanzas that each has six verses length. The work calls attention to its melodic, stylistic and dramatic qualities. Poe remarks about sophisticated metaphors, brilliantly combined elements of terror with beauty.
The language of poem, alliteration, internal rhymes and archaic vocabulary- it emphasizes a typically gothic atmosphere. In addition, the repetitions of “nevermore” refers to Poe’s sense on the whole poem in order to establish, as already mentioned, the gothic atmosphere.
The poem presents imagination created a dark and cold of December’s night. The narrator is sitting lonely at his mansion and studying books to be apart from his troubles, sadness as a result the death of his beloved Lenore. After that, he falls asleep causes that the incredible things start to happen.
The unnamed narrator is being visited by the raven. This scene is the climax of the poem. Since the first tapping at his door the tension has raised as far as the narrator opened the door. When he reveals that there is nobody, the narrator ordered to knock again on. It seems to be unrealistic when a comer is the raven as dark as night. Poe significantly indicates this manner is controlling emotions of the narrator as well as reader. Moreover, the reader is not convinced of the fact that the narrator could still dreaming or whether he is already awoken. His beloved died but the narrator is expecting some information from the raven about his Lenore thus subconscious imagination of the narrator calls his reliability into question. Although, it is acknowledged that the plot is not imaginary world of the narrator.
The speaker is asking raven for help to forget, get the painful memories out of his head, but the raven is completely unmoved and imperturbable, it only repeats words: “Nevermore”. The narrator is not giving up and follows to the next questions. He wants to know whether when the death comes he will be with Lenore forever- the bird answers only in that way. A furious of the speaker is noticed by exclamations which are increased near the end of this poem. He shouts: “Leave my loneliness unbroken!” this line could indicate his terror, despair of his soul. The narrator discovers the final truth- loss of happiness and hope for the return of love.
The raven have traditionally been considered as a symbol of the death , unhappiness and the truth as well. This kind of bird also was not chosen by chance but for purpose to show more the Gothic scenery which is closely related to the darkness, but the other hand it shows the great power of wisdom.
In the poem the bird is characterized as “devil bird” and also as the deliver from the afterlife. Therefore, the speaker believes that the raven is “from the Night’s Plutonian shore” refers to the Roman god of the netherworld also known as Hades in Greek mythology.
There is also has been drawing upon references to the Bible. Poe cited the “ Balm of Gilead” from the Book of Jeremiah (8:22): “Is there no balm in Gilead” - it suggests a need for a medicine that the narrator could recover after the loss of Lenore. Furthermore, Poe refers to “Aidenn” from the Garden of Eden in order to ask:
” Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn,
It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Lenor”.
His inability to forget about her, he desires to be in possessing “ nepenthe”, the kind of a drug mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey hence farewell his beloved conclusively.
There have been also observed that the character of the raven could stand for a symptom of mental illness as the result of nostalgia and bereavement.
The subjects Poe’s lyrics mostly is love, sorrow and death. He wants induce feeling of melancholy, longing for happiness and beauty. The theme of a death beloved woman is the best example of dedication to the love. In Poe’s Ligeia occurs a similar theme- the weakness of the narrator to the power of love.
The Raven is known as the masterpiece and the key to understand Poe’s poetry are not the words but the emotions, that is way so many ambiguities as well as interpretations in this poem.
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Re: Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez Admin » 29 mar 2016, o 14:29

it all emphasizes
sadness is a result of the death...
he falls asleep and it causes some incredible things to happen.
sense of the whole
The poem presents imagination created a dark and cold of December’s night. - nie za bardzo rozumiem... - poem prezentuje wyobraźnie która wykreowała ciemną i zimną noc Grudniową ?
the narrator ordered to knock again on ? - czyli narrator nakazał by ponownie zapukać ? tak ? :)
could still be asleep lub still be dreaming...
His beloved wife... lepiej dodać osobę :)
is asking raven to help him forget of his beloved wife,
and asks raven next question,
,but on the other hand,
need of medicine thet wchich the narrator could take and he would recover from a loss of Lenore,
in possesion of
The subjects of Poe's lyrics are mostly...
He wants to induce feeling of melancholy and longing
praca ładnie napisana, troche błędów i nieścisłości ale widzć starania :)
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Re: Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez Aśka_065 » 13 lip 2016, o 11:20

Fajny ten esej. Ja też ostatnio musiałam napisać i bardzo długo się z nim męczyłam, pomogła mi dopiero ta stronka: http://noy.pl/jak-napisac-esej-po-angielsku. Tam jest bardzo dobrze wszystko objaśnione jakbyś jeszcze kiedyś miał problemy z napisaniem takiego tekstu
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Re: Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez Tervirs » 22 wrz 2016, o 07:47

Ale lepiej jednak dać komuś kto się zna na gramatyce bo takie strony to przetłumaczą a gramatyka to inna sprawa
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Re: Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez jukik342 » 8 lis 2017, o 08:49

ja bym tego nie sprawdzał

kubki termiczne z grawerem
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Re: Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez pikol231 » 10 lis 2017, o 08:00

a kto to sprawdza teraz
wizytówki Gdańsk
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Re: Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez wladek223ww » 14 maja 2018, o 05:51

Sprawdził ktoś ten esej bo zero opin tutaj widzę
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Re: Porszę o sprawdzenie eseju

Postprzez stefan2ws » 17 maja 2018, o 06:17

Jak chodzi o mnie to mi się ten esej podobał
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