Zdania z THE

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Zdania z THE

Postprzez mgruchala » 20 kwi 2016, o 08:15

The sun is shining quite nice today.
Let's us look at the moon, it's so beautiful.
I hope we're not the only one in the universe.
We can observe so much poverty in the world

The pacific ocean is the biggest among the oceans.
The Wisła is the largest river in Poland
Poland in located at the Baltic sea.
The mediteranian sea is the warmest sea in the Europe.

Last year we went to the Netherlands
The United States is the richest country in the world.
I would like to go to the Great Britan

The Sobieski Hotel is located in the city centre.
The Warsaw Uprising Museum is the newest museum in Warsaw.
The National Museum in Warsaw was once the biggest in the country.

The Empire State Building was the tallest building for years.
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from French People.
The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris.

The United Nations gathers almost every country in the world.
Poland is the part of The European Union

The weather was too cold this spring.
The government should have paid more attention to this problem.

Every week we go to the cinema
At least once a month I have to go to the post office
I don't like going to the bank, it's always so crowdy.

Watching the television is not the best way of spending free time.

We used to play the piano in the past.
They decided not to learn how to play the violin.
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Re: Zdania z THE

Postprzez Admin » 20 kwi 2016, o 11:04

The sun is shining quite nicely ( jak ? nicely nie nice :) )
Let us look lub Let's look - albo to albo to Let's us jest nie poprawnie
We go to the cinema every week.
I have to go to the post office at least once in a month.
so crowded
mało jest błędów i zdań w niewłaściwej kolejności, ale tak to bardzo ładnie :)
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Re: Zdania z THE

Postprzez rzdr » 22 kwi 2016, o 11:40

ale o co chodzi? bo nie rozumiem
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Re: Zdania z THE

Postprzez LektorDawid » 3 sty 2017, o 13:52

To bardzo skomplikowane.
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Re: Zdania z THE

Postprzez Iwostinn » 7 wrz 2017, o 08:42

To chyba było jakieś ćwiczenie na używanie "the" ale jakoś mało to zrozumiałe dla mnie :P
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Re: Zdania z THE

Postprzez Matteooos » 23 wrz 2017, o 09:06

Faktycznie, jakoś dziwnie to wszystko wygląda... nie dla mnie to chyba ^^
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