Do you consider Poland as a safe country?

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Do you consider Poland as a safe country?

Postprzez patrycja » 11 sty 2016, o 22:04

Nowadays we are a witness of so many crimes that it's difficult to say that we live in a safe country and what's more in my point of view there is no a safe place anywhere else in the world.

The reason that we notice it I see in fact that we are surrounded with bad news from everywhere. The Crimes were committed and will, we can't change it. It's something written in reality of all countries, but the amount of crimes and scope of them is another subject. Therefore personally I believe that we can decrease the problem by using a more effective solution to such cases. First of all we should think about citizens life's and their safety. It strikes me that our government made and still make such bad decisions for example as taking refugees to Poland, then other unprofitable decisions which have in view fulfill only the internal connections between untrustworthy politics.

To conclude sometimes it's just better not to know about all of this crimes to feel even for a while healthier but is doesn't mean that we should forget to provide against crimes from others. The common sense dictates to be careful.
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Re: Do you consider Poland as a safe country?

Postprzez Admin » 21 mar 2016, o 19:10

We are witnesses,
and what's more, in my point of view, there are no safer places.....,
Therefore, personally, I believe.... ( Therefore I believe or Personally, I believe ),
First of all,
, for example,
To conclude,
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