Do you consider Poland a safe country.

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Do you consider Poland a safe country.

Postprzez Izabella » 17 sty 2016, o 20:50

In my point of view I think that Poland is a safe country. Despite worring affairs in east border of Poland we can fell complacency. I don’t think that we could be at the terrorist attack risk or outbreak of war it couldn’t be possible too. First of all we can feel safety because for our national security watch over goverment and the special services. Secondly Poland have modern, very good trained and well-equippmed army which are in commission on the off chance that threat. Furthermore large meaning is that we are member of the NATO and the European Union. Well for us is fact that USA is our ally and they will protect us if we need it (I hope so).
The same I can tell about town where I live. In my opinion Wrocław is safe town. I live here for about five years . I always fell safety even when I go back home late at night. I naver had situatin that someone disturb me. Often we can read in newspaper or watch in TV about shooting in the USA. It seems to be on the agenda and the people who lives there get the feel of it. My neighbourhod is quiet and I like it.
Finally maybe it doesn't come out well but if I compare what happend recently in another country of Europe or world I must say that I am happy to live here in Poland.
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Re: Do you consider Poland a safe country.

Postprzez Admin » 21 mar 2016, o 18:58

In my point of view, I think.....,
, it couldn't be possible, too,
First of all,....,
a member of,
Well, for us...,
In my opinion,...,
I always feel safe, even when....,
a situation,
in which ( during which ) someone disturbed be. ,
are living ( live ) there....,
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