Pros and cons of working abroad

Zadania i ćwiczenia dla dorosłych kursantów

Pros and cons of working abroad

Postprzez dragon » 24 sty 2016, o 15:07

Nowadays many people have to struggle with everyday life and a lot of them have to make a decision about living the country and going abroad where earnig money is easier.
There is many pros and cons of this decision.

First of all, money. Money which can repay our debts, can be spent on education, our or children, or can simply improve our living conditions. Money can solve many problems.
No matter for how long people are going abroad, there is a great opportunity to get to know the other culture and it would be a shame not to take an advantage of it.
Different food, customs, art, different people with different point of view. It may be a good lesson to learn tolerance and broader horizons.
People often change while they are abroad - they become more self confident, organized or more curiose life. People can benefit a lot frm going abroad.

Unfortynatelly, there is the other side of the coin.
All who leave country, leave friends, relatives, live they get used to.
For many of them, this is the hardest. Very often happens that people can not stand the separation and they come back. For other changing the lifestyle is unbearable and for them is also too tough to stay in foreign land.
Whats more, there can be another problem like luck of tolerance for people from different country. Not everywhere foreigners are welcome.

To sum up, everyone has to make a decision how to direct its life.
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Re: Pros and cons of working abroad

Postprzez Admin » 21 mar 2016, o 18:38

leaving the country,
There are many,
curious of life,
All people who...,
the hardest thing. ,
What's more, ...,
lack of tolerance,
Not every foreigner is welcome. ,
her or his life,
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