Pros and cons of having holiday abroad

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Pros and cons of having holiday abroad

Postprzez dragon » 14 lut 2016, o 17:57

Having holiday abroad can be beneficial for us in many ways and what most important, can be very pleasant.
Visiting different country may give us many unforgettable memories and recharge our batteries for a long time. What can be more excitng and gives us joy than seeing new places, having chance to try new dishes or meeting people from different culture. By being in an other country we get a chance to practice foreign language or learn a new one. It happens sometimes that people get more open for a new challenge while they are abroad and they try new extreme sports for instance.
It is a great chance to get new friends and as some say - friends never too much.
What else we can gain on holiday - peace of mind, we don't have to think about job and everyday problems, we can loose weight, get beautifully tanned, finally read books or simply do nothing.

There is also the other side of going abroad for holiday. First of all - expenses. Very often we need to pay much more than for a holiday in Poland. Next, some tourists get affected with sickness and have to spend some of the time in a hotel being cured. The weather can dissapoint at times and riun our vacation. What is more, we might not like the local cuisine or what is worse , our hotel may differ from the one in the folder of travel agency. It is rare but it can destroy our holiday mood.
Our good spirit may also be disrupted by noisy tourists or lack of attractions in the area.

Thera are many advantages and disadvantages but who does not risk, does not drink champagne.
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Re: Pros and cons of having holiday abroad

Postprzez Admin » 21 mar 2016, o 17:49

and, what's the most important,
having a chance,
a different,
Being in other country,
become more open ( or )are more open,
there are never too many friends,
a piece of mind,
think about our problems,
lose weight,
being sick,
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