5 zdań FUTURE

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5 zdań FUTURE

Postprzez Izabella » 11 kwi 2016, o 18:42

1/I will finished book by tomorrow.
2/They will have bought new home before winter.
3/ She will have married before thirty years old.
4/ Will you have passed drive exam by next month?
5/ I won't have saved enought money to buy new car.

1/ I will be going to the dentist tomorrow before work.
2/ They will be going to Canada next summer.
3/ Will he be running tomorrow at nine?
4/ We won't be waiting for bus.
5/ Will you be staying at home all weekend?

1/ He may propose her.
2/ She may say yes.
3/ They might be exhousted after training.
4/I might be late for meeting with you.
5/ You may not happy at this work.

1/ I am going to start learn Spain.
2/ She is going to her boss for rise.
3/ They are going to adopt a dog from fundation.
4/He is going to Norway by hitch-hiking.
5/ We are going to spend weekend in a tent.

1/ He is going with her to the cinema next Friday.
2/ We are having important conference with director tomorrow.
3/ Am I working too hard?
4/ She isn't looking new house for rent.
5/ Are you drinking hot tea now?
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Re: 5 zdań FUTURE

Postprzez Admin » 12 kwi 2016, o 14:42

She will get married before she would have thirty years
a work lub my work
for a bus
propose to her
be happy at
to ask for a rise
a foun
a foundation
kilka błędów jest, ale tak to bardzo ładnie :)
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