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Zero Article

Postprzez mgruchala » 27 kwi 2016, o 14:06

Earth is the third planet in the Solar System
We hope to live on Mars soon.

Poland is located on Europe continent.
South America continent will hold this year's Olimpic Games.

Canada is the greatest county in North America.
Turkey experienced some nasty terrorist

From all polish cites, Cracow I like the most.
I originate from Warsaw.

I would like to see Lake Michigan.

Rysy is the biggest polish mountain.
I visited Karpacz last year.

Warsaw city has two airports Chopin Airport and Modlin Airport.
I think Heathrow Airport is the largest in Europe.

Wawel Cathedral is located in Cracow

Ciechanow Castle is much smaller than Malbork Castle.

I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology

Tower Bridge is the nicest bridge I've ever seen.
Most Lazienkowski was closed for a couple of months

I suggest to see Lazienki Park in the Spring.
It would be nice to see Central Park.

Marszałkowska Street is not as jammed as people say.
I live on Jagiellonska Street.

New York has one famous square, Time Square.

I go to bed usually at 11pm.

Will go eat breakast with me?
Yesterday we had a nice dinner with them.
I don't like to play futball.
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Re: Zero Article

Postprzez Admin » 4 maja 2016, o 09:09

nasty terrorist attacks. :)
Polish cities lub from all the cities in Poland, I like Cracow the most.
I was born in Warsaw.
Warsaw has....
is the largest airport in Europe.
I usually go to bed at 11 p.m.
Will you go to eat breakfast with me ?
praca zawiera kilka błędów, ale i tak jest dobra :)
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