Good and bad sides of being a teenager

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Good and bad sides of being a teenager

Postprzez PSlowik » 30 kwi 2016, o 19:12

Time when you are a teenager is very unique in human life. It is happends only one, so this is important to do not regret, when you are young.
One major advantage of being a teenager is when you get a ID card. With that can you make a driving license, and buy in shop that what is impossible for 18th birthday.
The next advantage of being a teenager is the people treat you like a adult, so when you go to a job, can you earn more money than when you was a kid.
Last advantage of being a teenager is you take care only of yourself, so when you have this 18 years old, can do whatever you want. Driving around world, move out from home, everything.
On the other hand when you be a teenager, everything accident what you done like a attack on someone or steal something is treated by judgement like a adult
In addition, parents can trying to show you how difficult is adult life, so it is possible to you must contribute in payment for a home
Lastly, when you be a teenager you may think “I can do whatever i want” but in real life parents quickly take you on the ground, and show that is only a illusion.
In conclusion, Teenager life is nothing more than a normal kid life. Of course, can you drive by car or buy alkohol, but in most cases nothing more that.
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Re: Good and bad sides of being a teenager

Postprzez Admin » 4 maja 2016, o 08:59

The time .....
It happens only once, so it is important to not to regret it when you are older.
is when you get an ID card lub your ID card
and buy something in a shop that you couldn't when you were younger.
, is that the people treat you as if you are an adult
when you were a kid.
, is that you take .... so when you are eighteen years old, you can do whatever you want.
Driving around the world....
On the other hand, when you are a teenager everything what you do, like attack someone or steal something, is being treated as you are already and adult and you are punished as if you are an adult.
parents can try to show you .... so you possibly will contribute in paying for a home.
when you are a teenager you may think... take you to the ground,................... only the illusion.
teenage life is very similar to a normal kid life (? co tu miało być przekazane ? bo to zdanie jest nie do końca zrozumiałe.)
of course, you can drive a car or buy and alcohol but in more cases there is nothing more than that.
praca zawiera dobre przykłady i jest okej mimo błędów i nieścisłości :)
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