Pros and Cons of creating film adaptation

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Pros and Cons of creating film adaptation

Postprzez PSlowik » 30 kwi 2016, o 19:12

Now, reading are coming to a rare skill what only few people are using. It is a good idea to do it even more difficult by adaptations?
To begin with, old literary works was usually writed by difficult to understand in today world language, so if someone want to children remembered a plot, create a film adaptation
Afterwards, adaptations are a good way to remind something what we forgot after reading a book.
After this, film is itself a precis of a book, so probably if you have a test in a next day, or a mature in next few days, that is a good occusion to acquaint with the most of books
On the other hand, book are creating to be readed. If people don’t do this, why authors are tried to make 6-hundred page books
Moreover, usually in adaptation part of plot are deleted, so if you want to know all action and what everyone people do, book is the better option.
Lastly, adaptations are created to remind, not to narrate whole book. You can’t to understand whole book, if you hear only one or two times a name. It’s normally to forgot something, so better option is first read book and nextly watch adaptation
To sum up, adaptations are need in student’s life. Often are a moment when there is no time to read a whole book, so it is a very good occusion to watch and be on that same level what the rest class
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Re: Pros and Cons of creating film adaptation

Postprzez Admin » 4 maja 2016, o 08:41

Nowadays reading is becoming a rare skill that only few people are using. So, is it a good idea to make it even more rare by doing adaptations ?
old literary works were usually written in a language that is difficult to understand today, so if we want the children to remember a plot we create a film adaptation.
the film itself is a summary of the book, so if you have a text on next day or a A level exam in next few days, that is a good occasion to acquaint mostly with a book.
On the other hand, books are created to be read. If people are not doing this, then why the authors are trying to write books that have six hundred pages ?
usually in the adaptations some plots are erased, so if you want to know everything that happened and what every people are doing, then reading a book is the better option.
to remind us what is in the book, and not to narrate the whole book. You cannot understand the whole book if you hear a name only one or two times. ? ( jesli usłyszysz imię raz lub dwa razy ? o to chodziło ? chyba nie... )
It's normal to forget something, so reading a book and then watching the adaptation is a better option.
adaptations are needed in students' live. There are often a moments when there is no time to read the whole book,......
to watch an adaptation and be on the same level with the rest of the class.
praca dobra mimo błędów, a jest ich sporo, mimo to argumenty są dobre :)
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