Pros and cons of learning English abroad

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Pros and cons of learning English abroad

Postprzez Natalia03 » 5 lut 2011, o 21:53

Nowadays, a command of second language is obligatory. The most popular is English. I am going to present the good and bad sides of learning English abroad.

To start with, lets discuss about the advantages.
Firstly, people, who go to the foreign country, have to use the language, which is understandable for the others. If they do not overcome the anxiety, they will not settle anything.
Moreover, owing to learning English abroad we get to know new people. We can visit them. During a conversation, we improve our language. How it follow from the statistics, that is a reason, which encourage to learning.

On the other hand, it has some disadvantages,
In contrast, going to the other country to learn English is more expensive than traditional methods. More and more children go abroad for an exchange to improve their language. It is a little bit risky, because they do not know, that they cope with a communication.
In addition, some people think, that they can go abroad to work without the command language. The mass media often inform us about employees, who can not find a good job, because they do not know English. They use only the elementary expression, but not a grammar.

To sum up, in my opinion, learning English abroad is more interesting option, but it can not replace the language schools.
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Re: Pros and cons of learning English abroad

Postprzez Teacher01 » 7 lut 2011, o 08:59

W pracy można dokonać kilku zmian ale ogólnie napisana poprawnie


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Re: Pros and cons of learning English abroad

Postprzez laaurala » 2 gru 2013, o 12:52

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Re: Pros and cons of learning English abroad

Postprzez SzydloMaria » 7 lut 2014, o 15:09

Ja też nie...
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Re: Pros and cons of learning English abroad

Postprzez Admin » 6 kwi 2016, o 12:20

a knowlege of second language is obligatory.
let's discuss the advantages.
owing to learning ? co tu pani miała na myśli ? może thanks to learning Eanglish abroad..... ? :)
As it follows from....
which is encouraging to learn English.
without the knowing of language
elementary expressions.
troche błędów jest, ale dobre argumenty :)
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