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rozprawka - sława

Postprzez basia06 » 5 gru 2011, o 17:13

Fame comes to people for a number of reasons. Some gain fame for their talents or just of them stupidity. Whatever the reasons a person becomes famous, what may have seemed a blessing and easly become a curse.

Today, celebrities court pubucity and paparazzi. However, this can became invasive, leading to unwanted scrutiny. Famous people can not leave their houses without being completely groomed, made up or styled. If they do photographs appear in the tabloids accompaniment by nasty captions. People feel free to coment on the personal lives of others, as long as those people are famous. Celebrities can’t be human without cosequences.
Fame is fleeting and it may be lost at any time. There is often a younger , braver person waiting to take the top spot in the limelight. This can make famous people paranoid and force them to do more outrageous things to keep their celebrity.
There are many examples of people, which shows that being famous is not easy. Lady Diana, who is famous of her marriage with Prince Charles and her charity. Her live wasn’t so good that it seemed to be. Diana become unhappy when she learnt that Charles had a married lover. After divorce Diana died in a car crash in Paris. Many famous people overdosed drugs eg. Marilyn Monroe or Amy Winehouse.

Centainly, famous people enjoy many benefits of them status. While famous may bring money and a fallowing of admires it also brings unwanted attention and public scrutiny, which is most a curse.
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Postprzez ssolik » 28 lis 2013, o 12:17

Uwazam ze 5 powinnas dostac.
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