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People listen to music for various reasons. Why is music considered  important to many people? Support your answer with detailed reasons and examples.

    Most of us like music. It lets us  know how important is our sense of hearing
. It surrounds us and accompanies all the time from the form of background music in commercials or advertisements to classical music concerts. It is almost impossible to escape from music, even if we want to.

    There are a lot of kinds of music. Different people listen to different music so there are rap fans, people interested in rock, fascinated by techno and others. Their music often expresses their convictions and habits. The young, who are rebel against all the world listen to hip-hop, techno and grunge. Old people prefer classical music the most - this is the music of their youth.

    At first, music may consolidate people - there are many fanclubs where people can meet oeach other. Moreover fans create new web-pages including information about their favourite bands.

    Famous musicians  have huge influence on fashion all over the world. We  would often like to look like them and wear the same clothes as our idols. For example Madonna is the pop icon, everybody loves her style, voice and generally the way she is.

    What is more,  music has a large influence on our emotions. Sometimes when we are depressed, sounds are very helpful for us. It can also show what we have in our soul. When we are in love we listen to romantic songs, when we are angry we listen to  hard ones.

    In addition music is  used in hospitals as a therapy,  doctors have found that 20 minutes of relaxing music is often more effective than tranquillizers or sleeping pills.

    In my opinion, music is necessary in our life, it helps us in many domains of our life and often makes us remember about what happened a long time ago. I think that everyone listens to some kind of music and our life  would be very boring without music.