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uczennica - 2 klasa szkoły średniej


Choose a fashion or style that is popular with a group of people in your country.Write a description of about 200-250 words.

    In my country people like many different styles. We can find people  wearing  black clothes called 'Goth', baggy trousers and blouses named 'Chavs', and sweet girls who love pink short skirts and high heels. In my opinion 'Chavs' are the most popular in Poland.  Let's describe their style.

    First of all, let's look at their appearance. Boys often wear baggy jeans and blouses with hoods. They also have trainers, baseball caps and  gold or silver chains. Girls  dress similarly like boys but additionally they have earrings and bangles.


    There is also the music style prefered by 'Chavs'. They listen to Hip-hop, R'n'B and clubbing music. They enjoy going to discos to dance and listen to DJs who mix this music style. They have some favourite vocalists or bands, for example, 50 cent ,Akon ,Justin Timberlake ,Eminem, Snoop Dog and some polish singers like Peja and Verba .


    Finally, let's see how they typically spend their free time. I know  they have a lot of ideas what to do. They enjoy dancing (breakdance, hip hop, electro). We can watch many young Chavs in polish version of  'You Can Dance'  tv programme. 

    Boys are skaterboarders or ride on special bicycles. Sometimes they paint graffiti on  building walls which is called - vandalism.


    Personally  I like this group of people. I think they are better than Goths or sweet girls. They are sociable, laid back and spontaneous.

They have interesting hobbies and listen to great  music.