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Opis miejsca po angielsku 
praca napisana przez uczennicę szkoły średniej

   Opisz miejsce, które może stać się popularną atrakcją turystyczną

    Last Saturday while I was walking with a dog around my village I saw an interesting building which could be a new tourist attraction.

    It is a post-war building which used to be a sugar factory. It is located near two paths and a huge forest. There are also fields around the ruins.

    During the Second World War the factory probably looked better than now. The building is destroyed nowdays. It is made from red bricks. The windows are without glass. There are also two factory chimneys with a big yellow sign. It is the name of factory `Polish Sugar`. You can easly climb on a chimney and see a beautiful landscape. There are not any doors so you can also enter inside and see a lot of broken machines and glass on the floor.

    I think that a village council should rebuild the building because it has a great location and it is strictly connected with history. For example, there could be a museum in it. I am sure that it would be an interesting tourist atraction but a lot of work is needed before it.