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Przykład opowiadania:

A fortunate mistake

    Once I was in Spain during my summer holidays. It was a camp and I had  a lot of friends there. The place was beautifiul, it was named Lloret De Mar. The weather was nice nearly every day. In the middle of my stay there was a trip to Barcelona organised. I had been always fascinated by the spanish culture. The night before I couldn’t sleep and I felt something strange that could happen in the future. However that trip was too important for me and I didn’t want to resign.
    When we were on the spot I was totally shocked how amazing Barcelona was. After visiting the last place which was The Gaudi’s Park we went to the underground station. Before departure I  wanted to buy something to drink.  I went to the nearest shop and I thought that my group was waiting for me. When I came back, I saw nobody from my camp. I was frightened becouse the map of the underground was too complicated for me. Finally, I chose a wrong way.
    While I was going and crying, I suddenly  noticed a golden Rolex watch on the ground. It was the most beautiful watch  I had ever seen. I took it to the pocket but after a few minutes somebody shouted: ’Has anybody seen my Rolex?!’ I looked around and I saw a young businessman. I wanted to be an honest person so I gave that expensive watch back to him. He let me phone my group. When they were found that buisnessman gave me a cheque for 10000$ as a gift. I couldn’t believe that but it was true.
    When I came back  home, I told my family and friends about it. It was an unbelievable event. Money were very helpful. I could buy a new car and I am still in contact with that man...
    I have never forgotten about it.