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Przykład recenzji po angielsku

Strona zawiera przykłady recenzji filmów i książek po angielsku

'300' - Recenzja filmu

'300', directed by Zack Snyder from 2006, tells a story about the battle of Thermopylae about 480 year B.C. It is history about heroic heroes commanded by Leonidas (Gerard Butler). The film bases on a graphic story of Frank Miller. Script writers: Michael Gordon, Kurt Johnstad and Zack Synder have written a boring and schematic script.

The film begins when Spartans go to the battle with Persians. According to the title there are 300 Spartans but Persians are thousands. The film shows odd nations, that were conquered by Persians and attack Spartans in a narrow passage in mountains. There are Blacks, Mongols and Chineses.
There are fantastic special effects and slow-motion, for example, the scene with a rhino. Every scene is a special effect because these all were shot in a blue box, one of the computer technique use in editing films, without scenes with horses.
The next matter is fight. It looks fantastic, very dynamic and terrifying but not realistic. It is impossible that one Spartan kills over ten enemies and he doesn’t have any scratches. Moreover, everyone who knows a war art a little bit, says that is doesn’t exist in this film!
The great advantage is music, composed by Tyler Bates. It astonishes everybody and puts in a right mood! It suits fantastic to this war film.

To conclude, I don’t think it is a crucial film (I’ve heard such opinions). I recommend watching this film for entertainment. It doesn’t require any thinking or reflection but, yet it looks and sounds fantastic. However, if we want to watch the film with an interesting story and a surprising end, I recommend something different.

'Eurotrip' - recenzja filmu

'Eurotrip', directed by Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer, tells a story about four teenagers who set out on a journey to Europe. Directors, who are also script writers, created a fantastic and really funny script.

Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) and Cooper (Jacob Pitts), American boys, want to visit a mail friend, Mieke (Jessica Boehrs) from Germany and go to the trip to Europe. They go to Paris and meet their two friends there and next they travel together.
The great advantage of this film is humour. Script writers show stereotypes about Americans and Europeans in a fantastic way. For example, Holland, a country of marijuana and prostitutes, or Czech Republic shown as a country which still is a Soviet Republic and where a hotel can be bought for a few dollars.

However, this film makes fun of an American’s style of life. They are shown as conservatives who can’t have fun and they learn having fun from Europeans.
What is more, each of main characters have some destination and at the end of the film, everybody achieve it, so this film sends a message.

To conclude, I think it is the superb film for watching with friends, I’ve never seen such a funny film before. It is a very good comedy.

'Sweet November' - recenzja filmu

The film ‘Sweet November’ (2001) is a remake version of the previous edition (1968) of a film with the same title. The plot of history is connect with a couple who meet each other in a surprising situation. The type of the film is both drama and romance. The history is created by two main characters: Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) and Sara Deever (Charlize Theron).

The main point of a plot shows the interesting situation where the characters meet. It is in the test driving licence. Sara unfortunately must leave it because she helps Nelson cheating . She thinks that Nelson should service and he must take a lift of her. The director of ‘Sweet November’ Pat O'Connor perfectly tempers theese people, because their life is absolutly different.

Nelson is a worker of a famous commercial company. He is a warkaholic and he spends a lot of time at work. On the other side we can see a light - hearted life of Sara. Every month she has got another lover. She usually sees element of good in these men. She wants to help them. Now it is Nelson’s time. We can notice spontanious feelings shown by great dialogs achieved by Herman Raucher , Paul Yurick. During the film we can also listen to fantastic music in romantic moments created by Enya.

These two people coming from two different and diverse worlds who fortunately have something in common meet. I think that everyone has got own destiny. I think that somebody governs our life. Nothing is an art of coincidence . It is worth watching and I can encourage to find out the story pesonally.

'Terminal' recenzja filmu

‘Terminal’, directed by Steven Spielberg from 2004, tells a story about a man who can’t leave an airport. Scriptwriters Sacha Gervasi and Jeff Nathanson make an enchanting film portraying problems of real world in an extraordinary micro world – the airport. A nasty boss, a beautiful woman, poor workers and an adrift man. They all are in this fantastic film!

The main character is Victor Navorski(Tom Hanks). He comes to New York for live up to father’s promise. However, he can’t leave the airport because a war begins in his mother country, so he lives in the airport.

At the beginning of the film, it is looking like a drama film but as the action develops it is like a comedy film too. There are a lot of funny scenes, for example, a situation when a main character, Victor, collects all trolleys at the airport to earn money for food or when tourists still fall down at a wet floor. However, it is also a romantic comedy thanks to a beautiful stewardess(Catherine-Zeta Jones).

What is more, film’s characters, especially supporting characters, are great actors. They play poor workers perfectly. They don’t like Victor at the beginning but later they are his best friends.

To conclude, it is a great film for people who love the complicated story. A great advantage is a cast. Tom Hanks and Catherine-Zeta Jones are professionals.

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