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About me

My name's Natalia. I'm 17 and I'm at secondary school in college  number 1 in Opole.

I'm a  cheerful person. I like good fun and exploit my time well. When I have a free time I meet my friends, read book, listen to music and go on concerts.

An my school I learn Spanish and I love Spain (food, culture, sport and people) so I want to share with my knowledge and curiosity of this country. In my articles you can find something about:


Holidays in Spain


Myths and legends

Art (music, films, painting)

Food and refreshments


I hope that it will be also interesting for you.

Basic information

Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe. In the west Spain borders with Portugal, in the south with Gibraltar (which belong to England), in the north it borders with France and Andorra. Balearic Islands (in the Mediterranean) and Canary Islands (in the Atlantic Ocean) also belong to Spain.

Spain is divided into regions and provinces. In Spain there are 17 autonomous communities and 50 provinces. The autonomous communities  are:

Islas Baleares,
Castilla La Mancha,
Castilla y León,
ais Vasco,
La Rioja,
Islas Canarias

A lot of people think that Spain is the country where every day in every season the sun shines and the temperature is above 30 degrees but it's not completely true. In Spain the climate is very differentiated. In winter rain and snow usually appear but in the summertime there is hot and air is very dry. So the best time to visit this country is spring when it is warm but not hot

The climate is's also miscellaneous by area. In the north  the ocean climate predominates, in the southeast there is the Mediterranean climate and in centre of Spain the continental climate dominates.

The main language is  Spanish Castellano which is the official language in Spain. But there are a lot of  other dialects of Spanish Castellano like Basque, Catalan, Valencian, Galician.

I love Spain because landscapes, culutre and people are very interesting and stunning.

Spanish food

Spanish food is known for its healthy benefits and fresh ingredients. Dishes  contain  seafood, a lot of vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, pepper) and olive oil which is very popular because it is cheap and healthy.

A lot of  different culinary traditions  have influence on Spanich cuisine:

Mexican tradition - potatoes and pepper,

Arabic tradition -  rice turmeric and some dessertes with sweetmeats,

English tradition - gin,

French tradition - cream and cakes 

I think that most people know paella or gazpacho. They are typical Spanish dishes. I want to write something more about them.

Main dishes:

Paella - a rice dish.  Ingredients depends on types. There are three types of this dish: 

Valencian paella (in Spanish paella valenciana) - white rice, green vegetables, meat and beans,

Seafood paella (in Spanish paella de mariscos) - white rice snailas, seafood and vegetables,

Mixed paella (in Spanish paella mixta) - white rice too and everything what you want to eat,

Tortilla -  flatbread (bread made from flour, water and salt) with fried  meat and vegetables like onions tomatoes and pepper,

Gazpacho - a cold Spanish tomato with raw vegetable soup, popular in the  Andalucia Region. It is usually served with bread.


Churros - fried sweet cakes. There are two types of churros in Spain. One is thin and another long and thick (especially popular in Madrid). They are both  eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate or served with coffe.

Flan - a creamy  dessert with a soft carmel on top. It is  similar to pudding in England.

Arroz con lechce -  a sweet rice dessert flavored with cinnamon and raisins. It's baked in an oven but served as a cold dish.

In Spain people eat tapas. They are snacks eaten in bars and between meals. It can be a sandwich with boiled sausage (serranito), potatoes fried in vegetable fat (patatas bravas) and  cheese or ham prepared in different ways. 


Sangria - a drink which consists of red wine, chopped or sliced fruit (often orange, lemon, apple or  peach), sugar, a small amount of added brandy. 

What is worth seeing in Spain

In Spain there is something  for fans of monuments, fans of museums,sports fans and fans of entertainment. Everyone can find an activity for themselves. I`m going to present only a small part of this meaningful place. If you are a true tourist, you should visit them. 

Madrid-Is the largest city and  the capital of Spain.
Madrid is one of the most artistic burgh in Europe. You can find there one of the top European art museums.There is also Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofía, Museo Thyssen.When you are in Madrid you should go to Circulo de Bellas Artes, Teatro Espanola and Gran Via.
You ought to see famous and less famous (but also very interesting) monuments like:
Royal Palace of Madrid
Monument to Alfonso XII at the Parque del Retiro
Metrópolis Building
The Almudena Cathedral
Puerta de Europa
Puerta de Alcalá
Plaza de Espana
Palacio de Comunicaciones (Office of the Mayor)
Palace Hotel
Temple of Debod
Plaza de Colón
Beside that Madrid has got the largest Plaza de Torros (bullring) in  Spain, people can run away from bulls.
Madrid is notable for its nightlife and night clubs. At the weekends, Madrilenian youth is famous for dancing all nights.
So, as you can see in Madrid you can do almost everything!
Barcelona I think it's the second well known city in Spain after Madrid. It is located on the Mediterranean coast and has a Mediterranean climate.
Barcelona contains 68 municipal parks, divided into historic parks, thematic (botanical) parks, urban parks and forest parks.
In Barcelona  there are buildings which come from different centuries. Especially remarkable is the work of architect Antoni Gaudi, which can be seen throughout the city. His best known work is the immense but still unfinished church of the Sagrada Familia, which has been under construction since 1882, and is still financed by private donations.
If you are a fan of football you absolutely must visit Camp Nou. It's a 5 star stadium and host of international matches, opposite the sports field there is the ice rink used for icy sports. In a commercial zone of Barcelona there is a complex of shops like L'Illa, Diagonal Mar, La Maquinista and skyscrapers called Hotel Arts and its twin the Torre Mapfre
Camino de Santiago (Way of Santo James)- is the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in the northwestern Spain, where  remains of Saint James Apostole are buried. Apart from treatment this way as a peregrination you can  take a trip on bicycles or treat this as gripping challenge.
Lloret The Mar- one of the most important resorts on the Costa Brava.It is located on the Mediterranean coast.Aside from this there are Santa Clotilde gardens: Gardens designed in an Italian Renaissance style by Nicolau Rubió i Tuduri. Situated on the  top of a cliff offering impressive views over the sea. Also there is Maritime Museum, Monument of the Fisherman`s Wife (symbol of Lloret The Mar)  and Church of Sant Roma. 

Valencia- the largest square is the Placa de l Ajuntament , which contains the town hall, the cinema which shows classic movies, and many restaurants and bars. In Valencia there is a City of Arts and Sciences, Valencian Institute of Modern Art , Bullfighting Museum and a big 3D cinema IMAX.


National holidays 


Spain is a very sporting country. Apart from traditional sports like football, valleyball, F1 racing, there are also very well developed sports which are unknown in Poland for example corrida (bullfighting).I want to describe the most popular sport disciplines and the most famous representatives of them.

Corrida - is a traditional spectacle in  Spain, and  other countries for example Portugal or countries in Latin America like Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. Bullfighting is divided for stages. On an arena (plaza de torros)is let out a specially grown bull.
First toreadors tease a bull. They use for this activity a red and yellow sheet(capa).
Next picadores put spears to the neck of a bull. In the end, when a matador comes , an animal is already tired and matador tries to hit it in a special place of his neck. If matador kills the bull for the first hit, he can cut an ear or a tail of the bull. He also gets applause from the audience.Corrida is enriched for choreography, colorful costumes and  interesting music.
Real Madrid - is a professional football club with abode in Madrid. It was created in 1902. The  club's traditional home colour is white. Real is the richest football club on the world. Jerzy Dudek a Polish footballer plays in Real Madrid.
FC Barcelona (Football Club Barcelona)-FC Barcelona is older than Real Madrid because it was created in 1899. It is the best team in Spain, also known simply as Barcelona and familiarly as Barca. The main abode is located in Barcelona. If you are a fan of Barcelona you can often hear someone calling you Blaugranes or Culers (these are the names of FCB fans)
Vuelta a Espana ( Tour of  Spain or `Back to Spain`)- it is a three-week bicycle racing. This is one of three "Grand Tours" of Europe ( with Tour de France and Giro d'Italia - Tour of Italy)
The finish of the Vuelta is always in the Spanish capital - Madrid. The race takes part at the beginning of September so as doesn`t interfere with Tour of Italy.