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Napisz opowiadanie zaczynające się lub kończące słowami 'It was time to leave for the airport'.

    It was time to leave for the airport. I called taxi. The weather was beautiful so I and my friends planned to do some jumps with parachute. We met in the airport and went into the plane. When the pilot reached two thousands meters we jumped out. After short time I pulled a rope opening my parachute. But there was no effect. I started to be nervous. Fortunately I had a spare parachute. I pulled it and ...NOTHING! happened. I pulled again and I realised that that one was out of order too. The ground was coming to me very quickly. So quickly that I didn't have time to think about anything. I noticed grass and screaming people. In that moment I hit the ground. I felt a pain in my left shoulder and left knee. But I was still alive. I opened eyes slowly and saw that I was laying on the floor near the bed in my sleeping room. It was only a bad dream.